Clinical Services

Within our Group Living Services, our clinical services are tailored to offer Clinician taking notes personalized and comprehensive support to individuals, focusing on their unique needs for overall well-being.

Inhouse clinical treatment staff is made up of program caseworkers, clinical consultants, and our Clinical Assessment and Resource Services team. This clinical team of multidisciplinary professionals includes social workers, psychologists, and counsellors who act as the primary link between the agency, families, and the various referral agencies. Psychiatric services, though consulting psychiatrists are also provided as needed.

What makes up clinical services

We employ various key components to address mental health and personal growth aspects.

Clinician in her office meeting with a youth and talking Assessments - Psychological assessments are crucial, providing insights into cognitive, emotional, and behavioural patterns. This information forms the basis for targeted interventions and personalized strategies. At the Ranch, we have a team of professionals in our Clinical Assessment Resources and Services that provide this service.

Individualized treatment plans - Crafting individualized treatment plans is a meticulous process, considering participants' strengths, challenges, and goals. These plans act as dynamic roadmaps we use to empower individuals and foster long-term success and emotional well-being. Cultural elements, spirituality, and family collaboration are integrated into treatment plans.

Group counselling session Individual and group counselling - Individual and group counselling is led by dedicated professionals with master’s level training. Individual counselling uses evidence-based techniques, and involves collaboration with family members and caregiver teams, creating a supportive environment for personal exploration and growth.

Group counseling sessions create a supportive and enriching therapeutic environment, addressing diverse treatment needs.

Safety planning - Personalized safety plans and crisis management strategies are developed in partnership with participants, empowering them to actively contribute to their safety and restoration.

Psychiatric assessment and support services - If required, we can provide participants with access to a timely and comprehensive psychiatric assessment.

Holistic therapies – We provide a range of holistic therapies including horsemanship, expressive arts programming, pet therapy, music therapy, and therapeutic recreational activities that offer transformative healing experiences.

Speech-language services – Our speech-language services play a pivotal role in nurturing effective communication skills and facilitating personal growth.

Occupational therapy - This therapy provides insight into an individual’s unique challenges and strengths and is designed to support emotional and behavioural regulation, providing tools and strategies to navigate daily life more effectively.

Read more about our clinical services and how the benefit our participants herey, and classical music to support development, health, and well-being.

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