Some of the members of Ranch Ehrlo Society’s board of directors went back to school last Thursday.

Schaller Education Centre was one of the stops on a tour of the Pilot Butte campus.

Each year a tour is set up to allow the board to interact with staff and participants and get a better understanding of what we do at the agency which helps the board make more informed decisions.

Hayley Maurer, principal and director of education in the south, provided a comprehensive tour and presentation of the purpose and function of the Ranch’s education programs.

Board members were then treated to the smell of delicious baking at their next stop, Appleton House. Ryan Wingert, program manager, explained the Group Living Program and showed everyone around the home. Amanda McConnell, clinical case worker, provided an overview of clinical services provided in the program.

Next, they were off to Rorison House for a description of the Emergency Receiving Program from Shayne Logan, program manager. Shayne was assisted by a very talented participant who took the members on a tour of the home and provided further details about each of the rooms.

Finally, Janna Ellis, director of group living, and Jane Powell, director of clinical services presented an overview of the Supported Living Program.

Dr. Louise Greenberg, the chair of the board of directors, thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and the history and philosophy of the Ranch, and she thought that it provided more context for the tour and made it easier to connect the dots.

“We first received the theory, then we experienced the theory in practice with the tour. I feel like I have a much better understanding of Ranch Ehrlo,” Louise said.

All the board members in attendance agreed that they were well informed by the tour.