Charlee is a Treatment Foster Program parent in Ranch Ehrlo’s Treatment Foster Care Program (TFC).

After fostering *Adam for a year and a half, she recently had the opportunity to open her home to his biological sibling, *Ben in May.

She explained that while it was rewarding to bring the bothers together, it was also very challenging teaching them how family treats one another and what a family looks like.

“There was and still are some adjustments for Adam to share the care, affection, and attention he had become so comfortable with while at the same time help teach Ben self-regulation and establishing a sense of safety and stability in my home,” Charlee said.

Adam is six years old, and Ben is five. Both boys celebrated a birthday in the summer.

Charlee wanted these birthday parties to be special and provide an opportunity for the boys’ family to celebrate with them.

“I noticed right from the first family visit I attended that they needed help on how to interact, and guidance on being a family, so I structured the parties (complete with backup plans) to foster a positive interaction,” she said.

The boys’ father attended Ben’s birthday, along with Ben’s grandpa, and a few of their other siblings.

Adam’s birthday was attended by all their siblings and both grandparents.

Charlee said, “I felt great pride when I got approving nods, glances, and smiles from Grandma.”

Charlee tailored the parties’ themes and activities to the individual boy’s interests and abilities.

“For both parties they swam, had a meal, and went home with gift bags as well as birthday gifts for other family members whose birthday had come up since we had last had a visit,” she explained.

Adam and Ben helped to prepare for each other’s parties so they could take pride in making it a special day for the other.

“In my opinion the connection with the family is stronger. (Adam and Ben) are more willing to reach out to one another now,” said Charlee.

She explained that it was not just because of the parties, but also the little things leading up to the parties such as printing pictures for the family to have and taking time to include the family in updates.

“It just makes me so happy to see this family start finding their way,” she said.

Charlee explained that her and her partner Braeden aren’t trying to replace the family that the boys already have. They do what they can to create positive interactions for the boys and their family.

“It was so amazing to have had these two visits start and end in such a positive and healthy way,” she concluded.

The TFC provides an important resource along the continuum of care for children and families. We recruit, train, and support treatment foster care families so they can provide a supportive and loving family environment in which children and youth can develop to their full potential.

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*Names changed for privacy.