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What we do

Ehrlo Early Learning Centre provides high quality child care to families in the city of Regina. This service is made possible through the cooperation and involvement of parents, children, and caregivers.

At Ehrlo Early Learning Centres our philosophy is based upon experiential or real-life learning. Cognitive, emotional, physical, and social nourishment are stimulated throughout the day through real life situations, activities, and interactions. We help children succeed.

What makes us different

Affiliation with Ranch Ehrlo Society

Ehrlo Early Learning Centre is owned and operated by Ranch Ehrlo Society. This affiliation provides our centres with consistency, quality development, and ongoing training.

Ehrlo Early Learning is operated as a business for the benefit of children and families, and is not operated by a parent board where personal agendas sometimes influence operations and decisions.

We are here to give back to and be part of our community. We work diligently to keep rates affordable so that families can access, and benefit from, our quality services.


Ehrlo Early Learning is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, and is the only accredited child care facility in Saskatchewan. As such, accreditation holds Ehrlo Early Learning Centre to a higher standard of best practice and care. Accreditation helps strengthen, measure, and validate our effectiveness in providing services and requires us to review our programming on an regular basis.


Our staff participates in ongoing training and learning opportunities. Staff at Ehrlo Early Learning Centres participate in professional development on a biannual basis and take part in additional leadership training and education. Our unique affiliation with Ranch Ehrlo Society also provides us with distinct training opportunities, such as Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training.

Directors message

Returning to work can be difficult for any parent. However if quality child care is available and parents are reassured that their children are growing in a responsible, nurturing, and positive learning environment, they are able to become more productive and reliable employees. A parent’s peace of mind gives them the opportunity to enjoy their work.

At Ehrlo Early Learning Centre, we believe that social skills, developing a positive self-esteem, and emotional growth are amongst the most important skills for children to learn in order to become healthy, happy, and confident.

These fundamental skills are essential in the process of becoming independent, responsible children and adults. In order to achieve these milestones, it is necessary to form a partnership whereby the early childhood educator becomes an extension of the family unit. Together we can achieve these goals through fun activities that stimulate development in the whole child. Daily programming includes numeracy, science, cooking, creative arts, language, and physical activities which stimulate cognitive, social, creative, emotional, and physical growth. Our goal is to give children the tools to be the most competent and best person they can be.

Karin Duff
Director, Ehrlo Early Learning Centre

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