Staff at the Ehrlo Early Learning Centres recently learned about language.

The Ministry of Education identified two of the Ehrlo Early Learning Centres (EELC) as being in areas of Regina where early learning staff could benefit from language and literacy training to help their children succeed.

It is the EELC’s mission to provide high-quality childcare in Regina through cognitive, emotional, physical, and social nourishment.

Fifteen staff from the two centres attended after-hours training to learn different support strategies for helping children with their language development, how to identify children’s abilities, how to take them to the next level, how to foster peer interactions and extend the topic.

The staff attended three-hour training sessions every Wednesday evening for eight weeks to learn these skills. The training course was called “Learning Language and Loving It.”

Tamsen Tomkinson, EELC operation supervisor, said, “For some of the training, there were things the staff were already doing, but now they have a deeper understanding, the specific names for the strategies used, and how to take it one step further. The training not only provided validation but also new ways to help support children.”

She went on to say that having full participation from both locations means each centre’s staff will be able to hold each other accountable and implement the program to its fullest.

All 15 staff successfully completed the course!