Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day, a day dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and learning more about the rich and diverse cultures, voices, experiences, and histories of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples.

The youngsters at our Ehrlo Early Learning Centres had the opportunity to take part in several activities to help recognize the day.

A drumming circle led by Elder Frank and Jayson Littletent at the Ehrlo Early Learning Gladys McDonald location-enabled preschoolers to experience the beat of culture in their hearts. 

drumming circle led by Elder Frank & Jayson 

Emerald Poorman-Rope, an early childhood educator (ECE) at Ehrlo Early Learning W.F Ready wanted to celebrate with the children today.

Emerald wore her beautiful ribbon skirt that was handmade by her mother, as well as some handmade earrings and a handmade fan. She showed the students a traditional drum that had the most beautiful painting of a wolf which was painted by her cousin.

Emerald was able to talk about these items with the children and let them hear how the drum sounded. The group also watched a video about powwow dancing and enjoyed listening to the music. 

After a wonderful presentation, the students shared some of Emerald’s mother's homemade bannock as a special snack. No better way to end the day than with a yummy treat!

Ehrlo Early Learning Imperial celebrated National Indigenous People Day by making themselves talking sticks. Students went on a walk, gathered sticks, then came back to decorate them by wrapping and beading them. During circle time, they took turns passing the stick and sharing a story about themselves. 

students sharing during circle time