With the sudden shut down of Ehrlo Early Learning Centres earlier this month (recently re-opened for those in positions considered essential services) both staff and parents alike were left adrift, wondering what was next.

In spite of this confusion and concern, many parents took the time to express their appreciation for all EELC has done for them. We wanted to share some of those notes like a light in a somewhat heavy time. We have removed all identifying information.

“Please pass along to all your staff that we are really going to miss them through these next couple of weeks. You are all practical family for my husband and me, and most definitely for our kids. I told our son that Shell said, "tell (child’s name) I am going to miss him and give him a big hug!"

“His response was a total joy, he loves her! I am almost in tears writing this message as I think we took for granted how wonderful our "easy" life was. I just want you all to know how special you are! We will miss you!”

“Your facility and staff are amazing. Thank you for all you do!”

“Thank you for all your emails. Today has been a hard day not having the kids with you guys and I know that there is so much on your plates even more. We miss you already. “

“Thank you so much for all that you are doing. Please let the childcare staff know how appreciative we are for all that they have done for our daughter over the past two years. Their positive roles in her growth and development have not gone unnoticed.”

“I just wanted to send you all a message to let you know that my thoughts are with you during this time. I feel like I’ve taken you for granted all this time and I didn’t realize how much our family depends on you until you were literally ripped from our lives.”

“I hope and pray that the drastic actions we are taking will make this pandemic as short-lived as possible. Best of luck and best wishes to you and your family. I hope to see you all again as soon as possible.”

“It is a pretty cool thing when your child goes days with being disappointed due to a lot of things being canceled- yet she can find joy at her daycare.”

“That says a lot about the staff, amongst everything going on lately to still keep being kind and loving when they have their own worries and concerns going on. Amazing and appreciated.”

“If you can just share with your staff- thank you for everything. Providing the best care for our daughter. R. and I appreciate it all so much.”