Children at our Wilfrid Walker Ehrlo Early Learning Centre recently had an up close and personal experience with some cold-blooded companions.

The group of children in the kindergarten-aged program (kinders) developed an interest in reptiles after a lunchtime conversation with Preet Sidhu, the program supervisor.  

One youngster shared with excitement that she went to the museum and saw a real snake. Two others quickly jumped into the conversations and shared how they recently had the opportunity to also see a snake at an outing.

“The kinders were so engaged in the conversation so I asked them if they want to learn more about snakes and other reptiles. They all shouted my name with excitement, and we started planning our activities around reptiles,” explained Preet.

Amongst the activities the group took part in, their favourite was a visit from Prairie Aquatics and Exotics. The children had the opportunity to touch and pet the reptiles and learned about the animals’ habitat and other characteristics.

“It was fun filled unique experience for children,” said Preet.