Janeen's Testimonial

Each month, Ehrlo Early Learning Centre takes the time to talk to clients, both parents and children, about their experiences at EELC.

Janeen is describing her daughters experience at Gladys McDonald EELC!

Why did you choose EELC over other early learning centres in Regina?
The centre was a great fit for my daughter and I.  The staff were caring, warm, and welcoming, and the philosophy of EELC is in line with my values and what I wanted for my daughter for her child care experience.

How qualified/confident do you feel the staff are?
I feel the staff are well qualified and confident.  I also feel the staff is engaged in the centre and enjoy what they do.

Is your child happy to be coming to the centre?
She is.  She is learning so much and enjoying the experiences she has.

What has your experience been thus far with EELC?
Our experience has been great!  When I am talking with other parents about child care, I tell them how happy I am with EELC.

What is your favorite aspect of Ehrlo Early Learning (nutritious meals, activities based off children’s interests, trips, that we are accredited etc)?
While there are many aspects of EELC that I like, my favourite is the activities based off the children’s interest.  My daughter is so much more engaged in learning and playing, because it is centred around things she is interested in.

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