Kristel's Testimonial

Each month, Ehrlo Early Learning Centre takes the time to talk to clients, both parents and children, about their experiences at EELC.

Kristel Van Den Akker’s daughter, Maci, attends EELC and when her son is old enough, he will join his big sister!

Why did you choose EELC over other early learning centres?
Kristel: We didn’t luck out with home-based childcare and decided to get on the list for EELC. We received a call while on vacation and had to make a quick decision without even visiting the centre or meeting the staff – let me tell you, it was the best decision ever!

How qualified/confident do you feel the staff are?
Kristel: We feel the staff are both qualified and confident. Each month, we receive a calendar full of both educational and fun activities and adventures. Communication with staff comes so easy – we always feel up-to-date with what Maci is doing.

Is your child happy coming to the centre?
Kristel: When Maci first started attending, she had some major separation anxiety. It didn’t take long at all for Maci to feel comfortable! Staff and other children have made her feel so comfortable. Maci feels so important when staff ask her how dance or gymnastics was – it’s so easy to see it’s not just a job for the staff. The environment is any kid’s dream!

What as your experience been thus far with EELC?
Kristel: Phenomenal!! We cannot say enough how lucky we are. My once little girl who was delayed in speech and super anxious is now a totally different little girl, who is excelling in so many areas. EELC has given Maci so many opportunities to learn and grow.

I have recommended EELC to so many friends, and we cannot wait for our little guy to be a part of EELC when he is 18 months.

What is your favourite aspect of Ehrlo Early Learning? (Some examples could include nutrious meals, activities based off children’s interests, trips, or EELC’s accreditation).
Kristel: There is no way I could pick one favourite thing! One of the most important things is how inviting and trusting the staff are. Every day, Maci will come home and be full of stories and is so proud of the things she is learning. I know she is eating well, given time for physical activities, and going out in the community to learn and have fun outside the centre, as well.

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