Stephanie's Testimonial

My two daughters have been attending the Ehrlo Early Learning Center at Imperial School since they were 18 months.  One just turned three and the other will be five soon.  In our time there we have found the staff to be caring and kind and to work with each child as an individual.  Our daughters have been encouraged, guided, cared for, and made to feel special by all of the staff there.  They frequently come home singing songs, telling stories, and ready to show us new games that they have learnt. Our oldest will tell us interesting facts about things that she learned that day that stop her grandparents in their tracks because it seems like it should be information that is from a grade 7 science lesson.   We have been extremely pleased with the staff’s willingness to support our girls and both of them love it at the center.

Thank you Imperial staff for all of the work over the years.  It is comforting to know that our girls are in such good hands.

Stephanie Logan

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